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This Is How We Do It by LoCash Cowboys

Chris Lucas grew up in Baltimore, developing a love for music that would ultimately span eras and styles, from Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake, with special emphasis on '90s R&B and country. He learned break-dancing on the city's streets and eventually taught others, but most of his time and attention as a teenager went to baseball and football. He says, "Sports is where I learned integrity and all the big lessons about character."

Preston Brust was born in Arkansas, but grew up in Kokomo, Indiana, where his dad was a preacher--Preston sang a capella in church but had to sneak out to go dancing. He turned out to be a natural, and soon he was choreographing show choirs, ultimately winning a regional grand championship. "I remember being so excited," he says, "but then I realized something was still missing for me. I wanted to perform, to share what was inside me as an artist, and not just choreograph for other people. I knew it was time to go to Nashville."

Eventually, the two had a chance meeting at the Wild Horse Saloon after moving to Nashville. They quickly became friends, started writing and singing and performing together. They quickly made their way through the ropes of Music City (Quickly means several years) to now. They have written for other artists as well; Keith Urban’s #1 hit “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw’s Top 10 hit “Truck Yeah”. As singers/performers, they travel more than 150 days a year and have sold more than a million song tracks.

This Is How We Do It is the best of the best.  Both Preston and Chris play off each other’s vocals with a natural ease that normally is reserved for siblings. The lyrics/songs are amazing and the music is “WOW”. They wanted this project to be perfect and I think they made the cut. The energy is contagious, “Keep In Mind” you will “Bounce” like “Little Miss Crazy Hot” and “I Hope” “You Make It Look Good”…

Get this album scheduled for release June 18, 2013…you won’t be disappointed!

This Is How We Do It by LoCash Cowboys    
Produced by Shannon “Fat Shan” Houchins and Noah Gordon

1. Chase A Little Love
2. You Make It Look Good
3. I Hope
4. Hey Hey Hey
5. Best Seat
6. Little Miss Crazy Hot
7. Bounce
8. Keep In Mind
9. Love Drunk
10. Fine
11. Independent Trucker feat. George Jones
12. C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.


Homeplace by Bobby Cyrus

Bobby Cyrus released his debut album Homeplace on May 21, 2013 to all digital retailers, including iTunes and Amazon. The title of the album pays tribute to the Cyrus family home in Kentucky. It was a place of love and growth for the whole Cyrus family for generations. Bobby says that from the first time he picked up a guitar, this is the kind of music he wanted to create and that this album is his “dream come true” and he is a blessed man.

The album includes guest appearances by Bobby’s cousin, Billy Ray Cyrus, on “Milkman’s Eyes” and Country legend Tom T. Hall on “A Rose For Marie.” The first release from Homeplace will be “Send Me Wings” written by Bobby. It is a touching ballad about a little boy that has a terrible life on earth and he keeps trying to convince Jesus to let him come and live in Heaven; “Jesus can I come and live with you / there’s a lot of things little boys can do / I won’t be no trouble, you won’t even know I’m there / no one will ever miss me, they don’t even know I’m here / I know Heaven’s way up in the sky / if little boys can be angels, send me wings so I can fly…”

The last spot on the album is a humble poem written by Bobby’s father, Bob Cyrus about their family life in their home in Louisa, KY. Until his passing, Bobby’s father would recite the poem at the annual family gathering. The tradition has been passed on to Bobby now and he wishes to share it with everyone.

Bobby truly has the Cyrus talent in his soul and he pours it out on this album. Each and every song, whether spunky and light or the tearjerker ballad, it is evident that Cyrus truly loves what he is doing. Not only is he a great singer but he wrote or co-wrote nine of the twelve songs here. This is a great country music album!

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Homeplace by Bobby Cyrus

1. Cut My Teeth On (Waylon And Willie)   (Bobby Cyrus)
2. Homeplace feat Bob Cyrus   (Bobby Cyrus/Bob Cyrus)
3. Milkman’s Eyes feat. Billy Ray Cyrus     (Bobby Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus)
4. Sind Me Wings     (Bobby Cyrus)
5. Hillbilly Man   (Bobby Cyrus/Jonathan McClanahan/Randy Wallin)
6. A Rose For Marie feat Tom T. Hall   (Bobby Cyrus/Dixie Hall/Tom T. Hall)
7. Daddy’s Home   (Bobby Cyrus)
8. Broke Down In Georgia   (Mickey Cates/Tony Ramey)
9. If I’da Wrote That Song   (Larry Cordle/Larry Shell/Jim Silvers)
10. Carved Our Names In Stone   (Bobby Cyrus)
11. Bodan’s Home   (Jimmy Carr)
12. Lucky Guy   (Bobby Cyrus)
13. Homeplace   (The Poem)


No Spring Chicken (EP) by Jiggley Jones

Jiggley Jones is not a newcomer to the music scene and is “No Spring Chicken” as he explains; “Lets face it, I’m not 18 thank God for that…I’m no longer coming from a place that I have to in order to fit in, I’m coming from a place that is different because that is what I’ve become. No tattoos, no piercings, just music, strong and true, music that paints a picture.”

Some say his music is Americana, some say Alternative Country or wide open Country but however you want to classify this production, it’s music that represents life sung by a man that is seasoned enough to have lived and sees it. The first release from the EP is “Baby Blue”; it’s a beautiful love song that is getting a lot of air play already.
Christmas 365 is an early release of a Christmas song where Jones wonders if Christmas lasts all year long, would it still hold its special place in your heart. 

Jones presents a nice piece of musical art in this EP. I expect to see his name in the music news more often. 

No Spring Chicken (EP) by Jiggley Jones

1. Baby Blue
2. Welcome Home
3. Ain’t That Alright
4. Christmas 365

Weekly Reviews for June 3, 2013 by Pam Stadel