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See You There by Glen Campbell

Sometimes it is hard to believe that Glen Campbell has been around since before his 1967 breakthrough album, Gentle On My Mind. His voice and legend are timeless in the music world. Now, on August 13, 2013, Glen will release his newest endeavor, See You There. It seems that during the recording of Glen’s last album, Ghost On The Canvas, Glen was excited to put out new music but also had the urge to redo some of the old standbys of years gone by. He laid down new vocals for them but set them aside.  Shortly after that, Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The owner of Surf Dog, Dave Kaplan couldn’t put the tracks out of his mind and enlisted longtime collaborator Dave Darling to assist and bring in a group of musician to play that would complement Glen’s vocals...and so See You There was born and Glen approved. Listening to the hits of yesteryear with a newer, aged voice of one of the greatest singers of all time is bone chilling. He still has IT! From “Galveston” to the “Wichita Lineman”, Glen still has the “True Grit”. “By The Time” he “Gets to Phoenix”, the “Rhinestone Cowboy” will be “Gentle On his (My) Mind”

This entire album is truly wonderful and everyone should have the original copy as well as this new (and improved?) copy in their collection.  Glen has just celebrated his 77th birthday and is still simply amazing.

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See You There by Glen Campbell

1. Hey Little One
2. Wichita Lineman
3. Gentle On My Mind
4. I Wish You Were Here
5. Waiting On The Comin’ Of My Lord
6. What I Wouldn’t Give
7. Galveston
8. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
9. There’s No Me…Without You
10 True Grit
11. Rhinestone Cowboy
12. Waiting On The Comin’ Of My Lord feat. Jose Hernandez & Mariachi Del Sol De Mexico


“One More Night” (single) by Dion Pride

Dion Pride is amazing. He is the son of legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride and seems he has inherited all his father’s talents. Dion started singing and playing guitar by the age of 5. He began five years of classical and modern piano when he was eight years old, drums at 10, bass at 12 and started performing when he turned 14. He attended North Texas State Music College and engineered for Cecca Sound recording studio for 4 years. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

As time progressed, Dion continued making his own demos, singing and playing every instrument on every song. His commitment to his music career has driven him to achieve high kudos from those in the music industry as well as fans around the world. Dion has played lead guitar for his father and entertained our troops on USO tours around the globe. He has performed and sung for audiences around the world also.

Although his style is a bit more “modern” than his father’s, he is in a perfect position to capture the new country/pop music world by storm. The current single is garnering rave reviews from other sources and I will say that it is a wonderful, fresh piece of new music. Dion is a very talented and deserving artist in his own right and everyone needs to listen to this wonderful song.

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“Slip On By” (Single) by Austin Webb

Austin Webb came to the Music City from Greenville, South Carolina in pursuit of his dreams of writing and singing his songs. He has been working towards those dreams since early childhood and now releases his second single from his upcoming album to country radio. “Slip On By” is a powerful ballad that speaks on a subject we are all too guilty of and shouldn’t be—letting time “slip on by.”

The Streamsound Records artist pours his heart and soul into this emotional song and Grammy-winning producer Byron Gallimore (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sugarland and more) captures it perfectly. The song written by Allen Dukes, Blake Nesmith, Nathan Tomberlin and Chris Stevens stresses the importance of not letting the little things get away, like saying good bye to your Mother when you hang up the phone or playing with your child in the yard when they ask.

“‘Slip On By’ is a song that found me,” said Webb. “I first heard it a few months ago in my car, drivin' down the road. After hearing the first chorus, I pulled over and started to tear up. I immediately called my producer and sent him the song. The theme is just…timeless. ‘Slip On By’ is all about living in the moment, cherishing every single day we're alive, treasuring the moments that happen to everyone. I feel honored and blessed to be able to release this as my sophomore single." 

Great job Austin! I look forward to more music from this guy.

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Reviews by Pam Stadel