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  1. Sweet Contradictions
  2. Butterflies
  3. Leavin On Your Mind
  4. Flowers On My Window Ledge
  5. All This Woman Needs
  6. Mr. Ooh La La
  7. Hurt Don't Know When To Quit
  8. Hold On To Me
  9. I'm Not Of This World
  10. Love You Like A Woman
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NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!! [url=http://www.cmt.com/videos/rissi-palmer/259570/no-air.jhtml] [img]http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/ElvisWhite/Rissi/Banner.jpg[/img][/url] Rissi Palmer has packed a lifetime of milestones into the past year while establishing herself as one of country music's most promising young stars. Her impressive rise has earned her a rapidly growing fan base and drawn the attention of media across the board. Rissi has been featured in People, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Country Weekly, Rolling Stone, Parade and Ebony, to name just a few. She has appeared on CMT Insider, GAC: On The Streets, Opry Live and others, as well as on National Public Radio's Tavis Smiley Show and XM's Dr. Maya Angelou Show on Oprah & Friends. Her first single was chosen as part of Starbuck's "Song of the Day" campaign, she has been featured in the newly launched "Wal-Mart Mobile," and she has achieved Top Ten and Top Five rankings on MySpace and iTunes, respectively. Rissi's first video received significant airplay on CMT and GAC, and her debut at the Grand Ole Opry was one of the most emotional and well-received in recent memory, leading to several return engagements, including on the televised portion. She performed during the American League Championship Series and at several NFL games, including the Pittsburgh/Jacksonville playoff game. It is as diverse and impressive a collection of achievements as any rising star could want, and those who know her realize it is only the beginning. And with the release of her latest single, "Hold On To Me," she takes an incredible year of accomplishments to the next level. The song, co-written with Shaye Smith and Ed Hill, demonstrates once again that Rissi is an accomplished songwriter in addition to being a world-class vocalist and a show-stopping entertainer. In fact, her songwriting skills helped her establish her reputation in Nashville. She has written with many of Nashville's finest writers, including Angela Kaset, James Dean Hicks and Shaye Smith, and she penned the song "Faith," which appeared in the 2004 Lee Daniels/Miramax film "The Woodsman." ...read more on her website [url=http://www.rissipalmer.com]www.rissipalmer.com[/url]