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  1. First Flight
  2. 1 verse no hook
  3. Rearview Mirror
  4. Motion Pictures (Brand New)
  5. Last Standing
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A little bit of info about Ponce and Nico their twins they made their first complete song at the age of 13; also, we bring back good music that people been missing, believable music, that has feeling; Ponce and Nico our very versatile, they do Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap, and they also go out the box and do international music that's not only for the United States to understand but other countries. We Strongly believe that if these guys get a shot at the major they will defiantly be a big success. Their young, motivated,and not afraid to take risk, and they just turned twenty last year' Their ready for the industry and part of the movement;They also been selected #1 for slip n slide on the grind contest that Rick Ross hosted. The twin duo has great chemistry on stage and been performing since the age nine in front of their family and as they got older performing at local clubs moving the crowds, and performing in front of 10,000 people for Richard "Rip" Hamilton off the Detroit Piston (RIP CITY DAY).