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As a veteran of both Desert Storm and Iraqi freedom who has returned with medical problems that I have fought with since my return I understand the reasons the people now serving and the returning veterans need to know that they are supported at home weather or not you agree with the war we are doing the job that some of us signed on the line over 20 years ago to do. I found this site through aaron tippin's web site i first saw Aaron play back in the 90's while i was in Saudi arabia i have always had a huge amount of respect for all the entertainers who take time out of their busy lives to entertain the troops wherever they are you give us a little peice of home and give us something to take our minds off where we are and the things we have going on around us. And now for a little about where i am in my life and how i got here when i returned from iraq in January of 2004 i began what turned into a year and a half in a medical holding co. during that time i had 2 knee surgeries and shoulder surgery to take care of the injuries i came home withduring that time i figured out that i would no longer be able to do what i had been doing most of my adult life. at that time i started investing in video and audio equipment to allow me to turn a love for music into something i could make a living at and at the same time help local musicians by helping them produce audio and video demo's at a price affordable to them it has been a rough go since i have been unemployed for nearly 2 years now trying to go back to school and trying to keep from losing everything i have there have been days when i pulled up to the gas pump with a choice eat lunch or fill the tank so i fill the tank and chew the seats in my car most times because i need the car to get to school. i am 40 % disabled and have fought with the va to get them to do anything for me the government seems to be working overtime to come up with ways to deny doing anything for the returning vets sad but true but i am too hardheaded to give up no matter how hard they try to get me to give up so heres to making the best of what life hands you and who knows i may land on my feet eventually

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