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Blue Ridge, Virginia
Birthday Wed, 04/18/2012
"Just Spread Your Wings and Fly! Close Your Eye's and Dream of Butterfly's......" Hi, my name is Kathy! I think Digital Rodeo is Awesome..... They have some awesome artist..... I enjoy a Good Laugh and Chatting! Also spending quality time with Family and Friends. You can never have too many friends but, true friends are the ones you treasure!!!!!! Live Like There Is No Tomorrow! Never have to sit and think what if....... always remember live like you will never have a second chance again!!!!! That way you will never look back and think what if...... or if only!!!! One only has one chance, Grab Life and Go For It...... You will never know until you have lived it....... True love is the love that exceeds the boundaries of your heart and spills onto your soul........ This is so TRUE, if we all can only remember & take this and share this little love poem..... With things as they are right now, I think everyone needs to know we remember them and are praying for each and everyone...... (If anyone gets a minute...... Stop by and check out our New Site.....) WE HAVE A NEW COMMUNITY/SITE WE JUST STARTED UP! IT'S INDIE NATION........ PLEASE STOP BY THE COMMUNITY AND CHECK IT OUT! THIS IS OUR OWN LITTLE PIECE OF THE INTERNET TO ENJOY INDEPENDANT ARTISTS. WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE RECORDING ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, FANS, RADIO STATIONS AND DJ'S, GROUPIES, PR FIRMS, MAGAZINES AND STREET TEAMS ALL BECOME A PART OF INDIE NATION! http://www.indienation.snappville.com/ THANKS FROM YOUR FRIEND, ~KATHY~

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