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Medina, Ohio
I am talented Songwriter I've been wanting to do singing for a very long time, when I sat down and played piano and organ takes place in 1971 and writing songs since 1974 and singing since 2008 on Karaoke and with friends. And I have Asthma had this since I was a baby. I love to write with a vivid, unique and expressive writing style, which I like to entwine in a rich brilliant melodies! This is the way I love my music. I write of love, life, nature, family and friends as I see it happening. Someone asked me something a while ago and inspiration every day to do what you do? It's hard some days, I don't have inspiration, Honestly. Most days, being on Karaoke or alone in a room or just about anywhere, talking to a friend on the phone who keeps on telling me I have to do this for me. I love singing and my influences, I am me and that's all it counts on what I want to do and I love making all kinds of people happy, sad or laughing. I enjoy watching people's expressions on my songs or lyrics. I named my band because of what I am into and thats all about me isn't? No one else is helping me other than friends who have gave me pointers on what to do weather its bad or good or pro or con this is what I love to do. I enjoy Crocheting & Knitting,Knifty Knitter, Jewerly making, Drawing, Painting, Fishing and Camping and playing electric guitar I'm having fun let me tell you all. I would of took the advise of one person who took 5 years of singing lessons I would of stopped along time ago GAWD! It sure keeps you on your toes and in the coming days and months this should be interesting year for me and getting things all together as a band. My new band name is called The Sapphyre


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