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Lucy was NO "Angel". I mean, think about it: Red-headed Lucy, full of mischief. Take-charge Lucy of Peanuts' fame. Dallas bombshell Lucy was devilishly delightful. Even the "girl with kaleidoscope eyes", Lucy in the popular Beatles hit, had a spell-binding allure about her. So what would happen in the world of Country music, if by some stroke of genius or magic!! - that somehow each of these characteristics could be mysteriously personified into the embodiment of a real person or three??!! Mischievous bombshell, delightful but devilish, alluring as the most seductive spell---a musical goddess with the voice, the face and the heart of an angel--TIMES THREE - Dream on, right? But wait a minute, how fortunate would we be IF that could really happen in our lifetime? It would be magic and it would be...Greatness! So let it come as no surprise when I tell you a little about my friends, the extremely talented trio "Lucy Angel" For the band I am about to introduce you to is all of thee above. They are three women who are not only supremely talented, entertaining and brilliantly focused- but yes they are sexy and yes, they are part-angel, part-vixen!! It all began with Kate's dream of performing and her love of music. Lead vocalist, Lindsay Anderton grew up watching her gifted mother on stage and at age four, she sang her first song and never stopped. The family's musical journey was set in motion as she began her own dream of entertaining at Kate's side. Fate brought Emily into the mix and so the union was complete. Together, the sassy kindred spirits formed the very gifted band Lucy Angel. Their songwriting skills shine through with wickedly masterful lyrics- enchanting message sent loud & clear. The vocals so sweet and divine, live performances celestially inviting, the total package delivers a very fun, very "come-hither" attitude at the same time. Lucy Angel recently toured China and was honored to be the very first Western Hemisphere/American act to ever sing in the Great Hall of People in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The band returns to tour China in July. They have signed an International distribution deal with Krankit Records. They have been keeping busy while in the studio with Anthony Smith. And so yes, while the girls of Lucy Angel are undoubtedly "relative", Emily, Kate and Lindsay each have their own unique style that compliments the others in perfectly blended harmony. So what you get with them is a heavenly trio of pure, raw talent---heartfelt lyrics, captivating stage presence. Lucy Angel brings it to you--their magic--straight from the heart. As well it should be: They are...heaven sent!


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