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  1. Maria
  2. That's What I Do
  3. I Built A Wall
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MICHELLE AND MELINDA Outstanding duet Michelle (age 23) and Melinda (age 22) are currently sitting on a goldmine of songs and talent in Music City. A climb that started at the young ages of 11 and 12 in the small town of New London, WI. Inspired by a musical family, the girls pushed thru High School and Middle School performing all over the Mid-West. Soon enough, they had over 100 original songs from their middle school and high school notebooks and had gained a loyal following. Remarkably attracting high praise from media, radio listeners, and fans around the country, the girls knew they had a musical style that captured listeners of all ages. Young and inspired, the brunette bombshell’s took their talent and spearheaded a journey leading them through a gauntlet of musical challenges that has made their music an even greater success. Determination has been the key to unlocking their treasures to the rest of the world and people everywhere are embracing the magical songs and sounds. In a Wisconsin statewide competition against 200 acts Michelle and Melinda graciously took the title, “Entertainer of the Year for 2001,” through a non-profit abstinence organization they performed for over 15,000 youth across the state of Wisconsin, and raising $500.00 through bake sales they made a trip to New York City and unexpectedly played for the crew of, “The David Letterman Show,” after two writers and the casting director spotted them on the street playing for tips. Beyond a doubt, the melodies streaming out of Melinda’s violin, combined with rhythmic guitar played by Michelle and the duet’s unique harmonies and lyrics in the songs are stopping people in their tracks. The music to be described as acoustic rock/pop, folk, or likened to female country duets is impressionable. Lyrics consisting of topics people are afraid to take a stance on like abuse and abstinence are a large draw getting people hooked and tuned in to their songs about love, relationships, and hurt. Michelle and Melinda are independent artists with a dream and a vision in mind. Working hard daily to share the music with the world their focus is to get the songs they’ve been sitting on for over 12 years out into the public for the people that are meant to hear them. In the beginning, the girls were caught up in the “lets get famous” ideal, but their focus has now switched to music being something that brings people together. The songs and words they spent years reading again and again and working on over and over need to be heard by the people yearning for the messages, the people who will embrace them in their absolute happiest and most difficult moments.