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  1. Way Back Home
  2. Barstools And Eightballs
  3. Sunday Sun
  4. Truck Stop Lady
  5. Salt Lick
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[color=red][b]MINIBIKE[/b][/color] has been rolling across Southern California rocking a brand of music dubbed [color=red][b]TRUCKSTOP ROCK[/b][/color]. Taking the heart & soul of country ‘n western music and mixing it with the pure rock fury of hard rock, they have invented a genre all their own. Their 100% pure American music reaches across genres to bring music lovers of all types together, rocking side by side. From hipster to hillbilly...from metal head to mullet head....they all hold their devil horns high for the unique sounds of [color=red][b]MINIBIKE[/b][/color]. With all members hailing from California, [color=red][b]MINIBIKE[/b][/color] has added their own two cents to the rich history of original music originating in the Golden State. A.J. Dia shoots whiskey flavored lightning from his guitar as he layers hot licks over the sounds of rolling thunder. Stewart Eastham brings his Northern California hillbilly roots to his twangy vocal style and crunchy guitar rhythms. Cosmo Jones will make you distrust your own eyeballs...after hearing him on the skins you'll think for sure he must be playing with three arms as he drops Sasquatchian beats. Burke Ericson holds it all together on the low end with funky, thumpin' sounds that will swirl around your head and then kick you where it hurts.