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My tribal native name is Wizwizwiz Mohooi. I’m looking for someone who cares to enjoy with me the hardship of life and bear with me the happiness of life too. Lol! I live in My PALMANABA Home in Ifugao province, southwest of the Grand Cordillera Mountains, a land of many wonders, legends & folktales, rich Tradition, culture and heritage. (If you want to visit our wonderful place, just inform me and I'll be proud to show you around.) I'm just an ordinary human being who have seen, felt and experienced the hardship of life and I'm trying to do the best I know, to do something for the: 1. Environment, 2. Global warming, 3. Conservation, protection and development of the watersheds 4. Conservation, protection of the flora and fauna, 5. Health, 6. Livelihood for the poor, 7. Agriculture, 8. Fishery, 9. Education and Scholarship grants for poor deserving students. 10. Tourism, Tribal Culture and Traditions. 11. Veterans, Senior Citizens and Single Mother/Parent 12. Entertainments, 13. Music, and Sports to help divert the attentions of the Out of School Youth and others on drinking, gambling and other bad vices and habits, 14. On Crime prevention, Scammers, Hackers, Hoax, Fraud and Justice, 15. World peace and order, and other good programs for the betterment and benefit of everyone. . I wish those who have ideas, knowledge, suggestions, comments and resources on these things especially those who are more blessed and have more than enough in life would care to share and help do something FOR EVERYONE’S BENEFITfor the best interests and betterment of everyone. To know more about me, please type to the search browser MOHOOI COUNTRY and click search. Thank you very much! Mohooi

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