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  1. Beer & Boats
  2. Take Me Back "The Cold Beer Song"
  3. Faster
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Montgomery Gunn is a fresh new group with skilled musicians who bring on head bobbing, arm waving, down home country music for everyone to enjoy. When you come to our shows, we assure that you will leave as fans. We are not a cover-song band. We are a high energy band that writes our own music and can deliver it 150% in a live setting. Montgomery Gunn came together by coincidence only a year ago when Ricky Gunn and Wally Montgomery met at a relative’s house and decided to pick up their guitars and play a few songs. Their musical chemistry was immediately evident to everyone. The following weekend they had a song writing session and wrote half of their debut album in one day. Within 2 weeks of meeting, they had booked studio time, recorded their first song "Faster" which debuted on local radio days after it was recorded. "Faster" opened up more opportunities for Montgomery Gunn. They were approached by an investor who funded the majority of their recording project. During the recording process, David Montgomery joined the band and the guys recruited Jon White, Z Ogletree, and T-Money on drums to complete the line-up. While waiting for the album to be completed, Montgomery Gunn began booking some local shows and arranging their own regional tour called the "Beer n’ Boats Summer Tour" hence the song “Beer and Boats” on the album. The band was able to secure numerous sponsors for the tour, including Budweiser, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Atlanta Custom Coach, who provided the band with a tour bus. Many other local businesses and radio stations also came on board as sponsors. The band ended the tour opening up for Shenandoah. In just a few short months, Montgomery Gunn had become the premiere country band in Columbus, Ga. They have won over crowds by playing only original music. By the end of every show, the audience will be singing along to songs they are hearing for the first time. Since "Faster" debuted on radio at the end of May 2009, Montgomery Gunn's music can now be heard on over 30 major radio stations across the country. Their song "Take Me Back (The Cold Beer Song)" was added to Clear Channels local music website and picked up by stations across the country to be featured on unsigned artist showcases. "Faster" was also played at the Brickyard 400 numerous times over the P.A. system. The sound and lyrical content of "Faster" was seen to be a perfect fit for NASCAR. Atlanta Motor Speedway is considering using "Faster" in their promotional campaigns. Montgomery Gunn also wrote a song titled "Holler and Swaller" after visiting Tootsies in Nashville. Tootsie’s label showed serious interest in the song after the band performed it live at Tootsie’s in Nashville. Tootsie’s is releasing the song on the new compilation called “Tootsies Jukebox” which will be available for download on Tootsie’s website as well as iTunes. In March 2010, Montgomery Gunn appeared on national television for the Speed Channel’s new show called “Fast Track to Fame”. Their performance was seen by millions of people across the country. Their appearance on the show has opened up very promising opportunities for the band which are currently being considered. Montgomery Gunn is determined to keep the momentum going that has continued to build over the past year and growing until they reach the top of the charts. WE ARE “MONTGOMERY GUNN”