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  1. Let Me Fall
  2. Just Lettin' Go
  3. I Still Look Good In A Pair Of Jeans
  4. Not The Woman In Me
  5. Melting Into You
  6. Party With Willie Tonight
  7. Hold Back The Spring
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Rhonda Kaye was born and raised in the hills of Kentucky on January 14th. She started writing songs when she was 17 years old and was a blue ribbon winner at the county fair for several years following. Rhonda now lives in Benton Arkansas and works in Little Rock as a Real Estate Agent. Rhonda is also working on her first album. Recording in Nashville Tennessee and was excepted into George Jones University. Where she worked with several Nashville Icons to learn as much as she can about the music industry such as Tandy Rice, Matthew Wilkes, Charlie Lamb, and Bob Whittaker just to name a few. Rhonda has spent most of her life raising her 4 children and now that they are grown she is pursuing her life long dream of country music. Rhonda’s first album should be released by the end of 2007.