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  1. Heaven Knows
  2. So Help Me God
  3. Toes in the Sand
  4. Tough Guys
  5. Lights are On
  6. Heartbreak
  7. Adios, Goodbye and So Long
  8. Between You and Me
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"From the age of sixteen I’ve had a passion for writing and performing music. I suppose having gifted parents with the same interest didn’t hurt. I wrote my first commercial song when I was eighteen titled “Glenda”. A soft ballad that was picked up by a pop artist. Being young and inexperienced, I never received credit for the song. I did, however, learn a lesson about acting on impulse! I enjoy writing country and “positive country” music though my roots are rock and roll. My inspirations are Tim McGraw, George Strait and Brad Paisley. I thank God for my successes so far. My first two albums. “So Help Me God” and “Heartbreak” managed four number one songs a Grammy selection and a GMA Dove selection. My Video “It might as Well be Me” was shown at the 2006 Winter Olympics representing Hawaii. Christopher Hedge produced the event. My song “Heaven Knows” was the April 2005 number one gospel song in the United States as well as on 420 radio stations around the world. Recently, my new Hawaii release “Toes in the Sand” is the 2007 Hawaii Music Awards Song of the Year. I have had the honor of performing with the greats! Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Grammy Winner Slack Key Guitarist John Keawe, Grammy Winner Richard Ho’O'pi’i, Hoku and Hawaii Music Award Ukulele Player Brittni Paiva and others. I am about to release my newest album “Tough Guys”. I am very anxious! It will contain more country rock and some gut wrenching ballads! I wrote the music and lyrics and I have my fingers crossed that this album does as well or better than the the past three"!