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Todd Duffley and friends ,the debut album released Cantons own, Todd Duffley ,After 20yrs of writing and recording, releases his debut album , joined by 10 guest artist including ,well renown drummer Joe Vitale ON SALE NOW At TODD DUFFLEY "One of my earliest memory of singing was when I was nine-years-old. My father was working two jobs. One was delivering newspapers to the paperboys. The newspapers were stacked to the roof in the back seat of my dads Dodge, the trunk of the car would be full also. I was buried in the stack of papers in the back seat singing along with the AM Radio, and my brother making fun of me and trying to get my dad's attention by pointing to me in the back seat and laughing at me." TODD DUFFLEY Reigning from Massllion, Ohio, and presently residing in Canton, Ohio, Todd Duffley, a self taught musician, singer/songwriter, has contributed his blend of Americana Alternative and Country- Folk/Rock sounds to the ears of everyone who are true music lovers. Heavily influenced by the three generations of musical genius that stem from his mother's side of the family, Todd has been writing and recording innovative records for the past two decades. In September of 2007, after pouring five years of blood, sweat and tears into his debut project, Todd Duffley proudly released his premiere, studio LP, Todd Duffley and Friends. The success of the album spawned some of Todd's most prolific material; songs that include the self introspective, Simple Man, Its Been a While, If I Never See and Mr. Cash. Many of Todd's stand out hits were recorded at Duffy Records, a studio that he was able to build in 2005 to house the fruition of his material. Many of Todd's songs have become self-biographical; hence the ability for many of his lyrics to become emotional soundtracks to the lives of his listeners and fellow fans. Though Todd attributes a great deal of his mainstream influence to the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Neil Young and Tom Petty, he doesnt create his music around the standards or guidelines that dictate specific genres of music. While undergoing the pre production and production stages, Todd allows his songs to fall into whichever style of sound best compliments the melody and lyrics of the project. This practice has contributed to his self proclaimed title as the second coming of 'Heinz 57'; a juxtaposition of raw, smooth, edgy and polished tunings. As Todd has spent a lifetime performing solo gigs before live audiences, he has also worked as a promoter and A&R representative for Lost Highway Records; a subsidiary of Universal Music. His past experience has landed him the privilege of declaring having one of his first crossover hits considered and placed in television programming. Todd Duffley's music has also been shared with the masses through airplay sponsored by internet and other clear channel stations. Todd's songs are brought to visual fruition with music videos displayed on YouTube, and other sites that promote independent artistry. Working with other talented musicians who include world renowned drummer, Joe Vitale, Todd feels blessed to have been able to create an entire project based around the presense of collaborating with friends. Ultimately, Todd Duffley wants to continue writing and recording; earning a living from using his music to inspire and transcend the world into a brand new rhythmicsphere.. THIS IS A CHELSEA LELAND / DUFFY RECORDS PRODUCTION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (c) COPYRIGHTS 1988/ 2010


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    Tip and Q&A with hit songwriter, Trey Bruce
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