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The sound of Ty Williams is a unique blend of the diverse musical landscape of a traditional-roots country artist with the compelling power of a rock & roll ringleader. Ty is an artist with a colorful tapestry of bar-style sing-a-longs and rousing heartland anthems. He was born in our nation’s capital, but his father’s career took Ty all over the country which allowed him to make friends from the West Coast to the East Coast. This enabled Ty to adapt and embrace change, creating a truly eclectic musical taste. Recalling his childhood musical influences, Ty says, “My mom and dad had an old Martin guitar that somehow survived all 12 family moves with only a few dings as battle scars. I remember some nights my parents would pull out the old guitar and my mom would sing “City of New Orleans” and then pass it to my dad who would play everything from Bobby Darrin to Johnny Cash. Music was one of the few things in our life that remained a constant." Before his love of music led him to Nashville, Ty’s love for his country led him to be a serviceman of the Army National Guard as a soldier in Operation Iraqi freedom. Ty remembers, “I loved music my entire life, listening to it, singing in shows and in church. But I also always wanted to be a soldier. As fate would have it, the first week of my junior year in high school was 9/11, a day that changed our country and forever changed my life.” Upon graduating from high school, Ty joined the Army National Guard. Shortly after the completion of basic training, Ty’s Virginia based-unit mobilized to Iraq where his tour lasted over a year. “…You could say [my tour in Iraq] really put my life into perspective. I started writing like crazy over there and learned how to play the guitar; I had played the piano before I went over there. I started to realize that music was my therapy… my mental escape from the war.” As Ty became more involved with his music, he began to ponder the uplifting effect of it. Says Ty, “I realized that if I could only play on a stage and help one person in a crowd who was having a bad day, worrying about bills, taxes, or a failed relationship then I was doing my job. For three minutes at a time I could take them somewhere else through one of my songs. In the middle of a dessert and this war, I found hope, I found reason. The music saved my life and I was born again.” Since completing his tour in Iraq, Ty has taken Nashville by storm. He began to write with some of the world’s best musicians, singers and songwriters. His high energy shows have landed him the attention of Music Row and national television exposure. Through all of this, however, Ty’s motivation comes from his family. “I have a young daughter,” comments Ty. “She shows me that there is hope out there. She makes me want to be a better man, a better human being and a better artist… In the end, I feel like I owe it to my daughter to chase down whatever dreams I may have so that she knows that nothing in this world is impossible.” As a performer, Ty remembers the importance of being an entertainer and is still strongly influenced by his predecessors. “I know my job is to entertain and entertain is what I will do… People who have come out to some of my shows remark how much my live show mixes all genres and feels like a party. I work hard as a song writer to tell great stories, not just my stories and to give the fans a different show every night. I admire Garth and Reba for building their careers one handshake, one fan, one song at a time.” Ty’s first single, Barn On The Rooftop, is now available on iTunes. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey with the unequivocally talented, immeasurably captivating, incredibly charming Ty Williams at www.tywilliams.com, Nashville’s newest singer-songwriter powerhouse and devoted patriot.


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