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  1. Club 21 (new version)
  2. Letter Home (new version)
  3. Same Ole Day Today (new version)
  4. Stoner's Ballad
  5. Waylon (new version)
  6. Corpis By the Sea
  7. Red Neck, White Trash Family
  8. Cocaine
  9. Debbie (new version)
  10. Gunslinger (new version)
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The Great State of TEXAS...where the Hell else?!?
There was a time that Country music wasn’t all Nashville style over substance, when songwriters really had something to say, when an artist could take chances and redefine the genre. MATT BEGLEY AND BITTER WHISKEY remembers that time and plans on bringing it all back! With beer-soaked guitars, pounding bass and rock solid drums, Matt Begley’s songs of honky- tonks, booze, drugs and love gone wrong, will give you a good dose of the new Texas Outlaw and will remind you why you first fell in love with Outlaw Country. The band was formed in May 2007, and wasted no time, recording their first EP with Alan Beavers (Randy Rogers/Jason Alan). The group quickly built a following both in the clubs and the internet. The band has been in Digital Rodeo ‘s Top 10 Unsigned Artist, and the Top 50 Country Artists on Reverb Nation. Radio and internet stations have both supported the band, even earning a Top 10 song on Rockin’ Rodeo Radio. In February and March of 2008, the band, along with Alan Beavers produced their first full length CD, “Bearin Down”, the CD was recorded at Beavers’ newly finished Canyon Lake studio. The band brought in some special guests including Jason Boland’s pedal steel guitarist Roger Ray, bassist Dave Clayton, guitarist Larry Beavers, and Alan Beavers contributing some bass and guitar. The Band: MATT BEGLEY cut his teeth touring the Texas roadhouses for the past several years and garnered a number one song on TOSSM Radio and several top 50 requested songs. After endless requests from fans and encouragement from industry people, Matt set out to assemble a kick-ass Texas Outlaw band. RHOADES D’ABLO is a guitarist who’s Austin Chronicle ad claimed to be equal parts Waylon Jennings and The Sex Pistols. Enough said, he was signed on as lead guitarist. D’Ablo cut his teeth with Texas psychobilly legends Mustang Lightning and New Orleans’ goth merchants Rock City Morgue (featuring Sean Yseult from White Zombie). NATHAN RAGSDALE was the band’s choice for bassist. Ragsdale is an old friend of Begley’s and a veteran of the Red Dirt circuit, having played with The Defendants and Sam Sanchez and the Pistolleros. JEFF CHAVEZ is the newest member of the group, having replaced original drummer Sonny Plummer. Jeff's aggressive style has been part of the Austin punk and underground rock scene for many years, serving up bombast with The High Divers, Dresden 45, Dixie Waste, and Condemned Unit. MATT BEGLEY AND BITTER WHISKEY the new sound of Texas Outlaw Country is here, keeping the spirit alive….so open up a cold one, get your pull on, and CRANK IT UP!! Make sure to check us out on and Keep it Loud and Proud with Texas Style , y'all!