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Bedford, Indiana
  Clayton Anderson is a singer, songwriter and performer from Bedford, Indiana, limestone country near Indiana University. If you listen, you can hear the place in Clayton’s music. That’s because Clayton sings what he knows. And what he knows are the relationships that truly matter in this world, the kinds of romances and friendships forged in rural towns where everyone knows everyone else and if you want to have fun, you make it your own damn self. Clayton cut his teeth playing college bars, frat parties, sorority parties, tailgates and any other type of party you care to name, in spaces large and small, from Michigan down to Georgia. If someone needed music to get the party started, Clayton and his band grabbed their instruments and obliged. In those settings he learned how to quickly win over audiences and give people what they want—a little time away from their cares. Perhaps that’s why Clayton’s songs sound so instantly familiar; to hear them once means having the chorus ringing through your head long after and feeling compelled to reach for the “rewind” button and sing along. Constant touring and grassroots promotion eventually led to playing much bigger parties, with Clayton sharing stages with everyone from Kenny Chesney to Corey Smith to Luke Bryan. He also won substantial spins on award winning commercial radio stations such as Cincinnati’s 105.1 the Bee, Indianapolis’s 97.1 Hank FM and Southern Indiana’s Hoosier Country 105, a feat virtually unheard of for an unsigned artist. Clayton continues to perform throughout the country promoting his debut record Torn Jeans and Tailgates. If you have a chance to see him perform, you will want to find that place and stay awhile.