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Hi people. My name is Daniel Dan, i come from Italy. I was born in 1970, in Carrara a little Town in Tuscany ITALY. I start to play Country Music in 1990, before like guitarist in a country trio, the name is Fabio Ragghianti trio. Later i continue my collaboration with Fabio Ragghianti but like bassist of the band. And before my love for country music i play the bass in some rock band here in Italy like : White wine is a punk rock band, i create this band with some friends, and the Snow white sydrome always punk rock. In this years i write much country songs but never i try to make one solist way. In 2013 after one divorced i meet one woman, and in this time i write some songs for her, someone hear this songs and think is great songs so i start to record and make show, and the people like much my songs. Always in 2013 i publish my first ep with my band DANIEL DAN AND THE DUSTERS " DUST AND LOVE " in digital download. and in October 2014 i publish in digital download and in physical copy my first solo acoustic album DANIEL DAN " LAND OF SALVATION AND SIN " in recent months has had great acclaim from audiences and critics. And i publish in physical copy also DUST AND LOVE. Now in this year i have much project to make, stay in contact. With Love DANIEL DAN


  • Daniel Dan officialposted 2 years 3 weeks ago


    OLD cowboy hat, is my new album out nowwww
  • Daniel Dan officialposted 2 years 9 months ago


    http://danieldanofficial.wix.com/daniel-dan http://www.amazon.com/Swing-Blues-Me-Daniel-Dan/dp/B00UW5B0NE/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1426792120&sr=1-1&keywords=Daniel+Dan https://www.createspace.com/2271230
  • Daniel Dan officialposted 2 years 9 months ago

    SWING, BLUES AND ME a new album out next week

    SWING, BLUES AND ME My new album, out next week, is one album were i put my influence i have to a swing and blues music, of course with my country style. I put here in my page some tunes of a SWING, BLUES AND ME. i Wait your comments. Thank you very much. With love, DANIEL DAN
  • Daniel Dan officialposted 3 years 1 month ago

    The Land of Salvation and Sin is out nowwwww

    The land of Salvation and sin is out nowwww My first solo album, without my band THE DUSTERS, is out now. Nine songs all original recorded live in one man band style, only my voice, my guitar and loop machine. is a very introspective album, there are songs that I wrote over ten years ago, and songs that I've written on tour during the recordings. But in every song there is a part of me. Thanks. DANIEL DAN http://danieldanofficial.wix.com/daniel-dan https://www.createspace.com/2257817 Amazon.com
  • Daniel Dan officialposted 3 years 2 months ago

    The new Album

    My first Album in solo without my band the Dusters is ou in october " The Land Of Salvation And Sin ". And in the same period i remastered the first EP of Daniel Dan and the Dusters " Dust and Love ", out in october of 2013 but only in digital downloads and now in Physical copy. and in the end of the 2014 the new album of Daniel Dan and the Dusters " Always, Forever and more.