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I grew up in Southern California, in the city of El Cajon, east of San Diego. Spent 27 years there then moved to Northern California in the Sierra foothills. Moved to Nashville in August of 2014. I started my musical journey playing trumpet in grade school. When I got to Jr. high they needed trombone players so I switched to trombone. Jr. high is when I started playing guitar and drums as well, and by the time I got to high school it was guitar and drums all the way. I mean really, how many girls are you going to impress playing trombone? I played drums in a group from church when I was 14-15, played guitar and sang in a cover dance band when I was in high school, did a little writing in my teens but started writing quite a bit more after I was married. Sang solos in church and played guitar or drums just about every Sunday for several years. I really started to focus on writing in 1997. That's when I decided it was time to grow up and embrace my country music roots... (So here's a shameless plug) If you want more of that story, buy my record "The Wire & The Wood" I explain more of the story in the liner notes and in the song "Come Full Circle" Ok so back to the about me... In 2000 I got my first cut and got my first royalty check, that was pretty cool. Since then I've had 4 more songs recorded by another artist. Although my genre is country, for the most part for me, music is music. If it's good I like it and if not well... I'm sure someone else thinks otherwise. Good is in the ear of the listener. I hope your ear likes what it hears in my music. Blessings, Denny Russell