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  1. PawPaw's Fiddle sung by Jamie Hood produced...
  2. Be Mine Sung By Jamie Hood Produced by FBM
  3. Loving You All Over Again sung by Jamie Hood
  4. Broken Moon
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Farm Boy Music is a Country Record Label and a BMI Publishing Company. The record label was started to be an Independant label, that is for those that have experienced the rejection handed down by the music industry. We believe that there are so many good artists out there that just aren't quite what the industry is looking for. But yet they have the talent that music listeners would love to hear. So that be the case, why should their voices not be heard loud and proud. Farm Boy Publishing was originally established to protect the personal songs and arrangements of the owner, and is now pursuing original material for plugging to country and gospel music recording artists. We are also building a catalog of material that can be pitched to the film industry. We understand how hard it is to get your material to the recording artists or their managers. There seems to be a break down of communication between the artist's managers and the publishing companies, when we hear that Recording Artist can not find any songs to record. We know that there are very talented songwriters out there that just can't get their songs published or plugged. Gary Farmer CEO of Farm Boy Music: Gary R. Farmer has been playing keyboards for over 4o years. First playing organ performing on radio shows at the age of eight. He gravitated to piano as he reached his teens, this being his main instrument of choice since. He was music director and band leader at the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo Station House Restaurant in Chattanooga, Tn., arranging and performing for the Singing Servers at the Choo-Choo. After leaving the Station House he moved to Nashville and played for many country music greats and recorded with several. His travels carried him to 48 states and 2 countries. He has performed on the Grand Ol' Opry, The Nashville Network, and at the rededication of the Statue of Liberty. In 1985 he started Farm Boy Music, a BMI music publishing company, and a recording business catering to the struggling songwriter. He has had some of his backing tracks for country stars reach into the top ten on the charts in Europe and Scandinavia. His company today includes not only publishing, but also a recording studio & a production company. To read the list of all of his clients is a who's who of country music, working with current 'new country' artists and traditional country artists. Some of his clients that he has recorded or performed with includes: Vern Gosdin Jeannie Seely Jean Shepherd Ernie Ashworth Stonewall Jackson Jan Howard Melba Montgomery Charlie Louvin Janie Fricke Johnny Patton Clay Davidson Anita Cochran Goldrush Mark Gray Keith Harling Herbie Wallace Mike Headrick Kim Forrester (Forrester Sisters) Ray Kennedy Cherokee Rose & Silena Tommy Cash Chester Lester Wendy Holcombe Sue Powell Billy Dean Ronnie Sessions Dalton Roberts Mallory Hope Jamie Hood Luke Pitts TammRae Marsha Britton Benny Berry Roger Cooper and many more! Gary knows the ins and outs of the music industry, from first hand experiences. He toured for many years with Vern Gosdin as his keyboard, and harmony vocals, but also as his road manager. He also knows the heartbreak of having some of his songs rejected. Gary still writes and his latest song "Broken Moon" is in the process of being plugged to several major artists, Gary works very closely with Steve Ledford, bass guitarist of The New South Band, and Mark Chesnutt, and Mike Headrick CEO of Country Discovery Records. Recently Gary Farmer's other music company Country Songcrafters had been invited to join RAMA - Recording Artists Music Alliance, and he is now proud to be an affilate of. that organization.