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Birthday Tue, 03/07/2017
Play Store: Download and Install the latest version Free (APK)
Want to install play store for free on your android ?   . Let's see how to download google play store the market for tablet, smartphone and any device you are going to use. either brand or known Chinese mobile Android smartphones or tablets  that are cheap or 
accessible considered and can not access applications or official games and want to  download play store and have it on your device ?, then we 
bring you all the options for You can synchronize your device with your Google account and so you can have all the  games and android 
applications  you want, without having  root android
How to install play store on your android:
Recall that is the store where all Google services in the cloud are grouped as:  Applications and Games, Music Play Music  ,  Play Books  for 
eBooks, Google Movies  for movie rentals and ultimately where you can download android applications for free .
Google services for your mobile platform are available in almost all countries and can be accessed from an Android smartphone or tablet , but 
here comes the million question, there are many mobile devices that have more than any version of Android can not Access to free play store to 
find and buy applications, why should this ?.
It's very simple, any mobile device, whether a smartphone or tablet that does not have the Google digital certificate, will not be able to 
access its services.
This mainly happens on pirated or Chinese devices that have a version of Android unofficial or unauthorized by Google for the hardware of this 
computer and due to the protection of copyright since some are copies of high-end devices you will not be able to update The operating system.
So as many say, the cheap will cost you, since there are currently good Android like the  Moto G , Moto E , which are very accessible and have a 
first level hardware and are the first to receive updates from the operating system.
Very important:
- Google Play STORE APK is only compatible with mobile devices that have Android v2.3 installed  on.
- Android Market can be installed on devices with Android 2.2 or lower , if you have Android 2.1 or 2.2 you will not be able to upgrade from 
Android Market to Play Store , except that you can have an Android Rom .
- The latest version of  Market was Android Market v2.3.6 .
- Currently the latest version is play store v7.4.09 (January 2017) , which in addition to adding the expected user interface called Material 
Design  present in Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow , and bug fixes.
As a main novelty play store v7.4.09 apk  comes with a new circular icon, which will come natively in the Google Pixel Launcher for devices with 
Android 7.1 and on, new tab My applications  where you can order the complete list of Apps installed in:
Alphabetical order
Last update
Used for the last time
More detailed information about our applications
We also have a new statistics section where you can monitor the activities of using games, apps, etc. and the new "Family Reunion" tab to 
authorize a single payment method for purchases of apps, games, music, movies, books, etc. These purchases must be approved by the head of the 
Google play store v7.4 android
play store app download

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