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Birthday Wed, 02/07/2018
This game is like 'Family Feud' but with Google searches
There's a new game that trivialises autocomplete on Google Search.
The game is called " Google Feud " and was picked up by 9to5Google , which explains that the game tests your ability to predict the most popular searches on the web.
Google Feud is similar to the TV quiz show Family Feud , as people have to guess crowd-sourced answers in incomplete search items. Answers rely on Google algorithms and update in real-time, so as what people are looking for on the web change, Google Feud does too.
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We tried out Google Feud. It's divided into four categories: "Culture," "People," "Names," and "Questions." Players simply pick a section, and then the game creates the first part of a question, sentence, or name. Users then have to guess the final part.

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