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Zelek Band

The Joe Zelek Band has kept a laser beam focus on the basics: “the song” and “the show”….and folks get it.  They sell big numbers, play to big crowds and enjoy substantial radio airplay in their home region of the Ohio Valley.   All of which has led to a partnership with producer/songwriter Joe West (“Do You Believe Me Now”-Jimmy Wayne, “American Ride”-Toby Keith) resulting in the first official JZB single to be nationally released to country radio this year via Gasoline/Apothecary/Nine North Records.   More about the JZB… Over the last few years the JZB has built a large and dedicated fan base in the tri-state region of OH, WV, and PA. They’re one of the top played artists on 98.7 WOVK appearing regularly on the spin-based “Top 98 Year End Countdown.” In addition they’ve had multiple singles in rotation nationally on XM Radio’s Nashville Channel 11 as well as Froggy Radio Pittsburgh among numerous other regional stations. This year marks the band’s fourth consecutive year as a main-stage act at Jamboree In The Hills in Morristown OH, one of the largest and longest running country music festivals in the country. The JZB is affiliated with brands such as Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola in their home region and their music has been used by television stations such as hometown NBC affiliate WTOV-9 in Steubenville OH, WFTV in Orlando FL and Fox Sports West in Los Angeles, CA. 


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