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  1. Just Like Long Ago Vocals Tim Culpepper-...
  2. Just Like Long Ago Vocals Tim Culpepper-...
  3. I'm So Lost Without You Songwriters...
  4. Her Heart Is Broken-Nelson Blanchard +...
  5. Bill's Place - Lyrics/Music by...
  6. Mamma Can Drive That Big Truck Too...
  7. The Game - Songwriter Carmella...
  8. Homeless, Hungry, Crying In The Rain- Clip
  9. Daddy's A Truck Drivin Man -...
  10. Thrown Away Soldier Vocals Tim Culpepper
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All songs on my player are originals with copyrights and may not be use without permission. Thank you.   Carmella's Story: Carmella Inchierchiera (ASCAP) Songwriting Member, LYRICSINMYHEAD Publishing and Taxi Member has been writing songs for over 40 years and she has an amazing talent, Just within the last two years she was finally able to get some of her songs out to the public. She is a songwriter/composer with a very original, unique Style. Carmella also composed all the melodies for her songs. She can take a heartfelt ballad like "Homeless, Hungry, Crying ( in the rain)" and bring the listener to tears from the emotion in the song or can flip things upside down and bring down the house with a honky tonk up beat country song with attitude. Her range of talent is truly amazing and every song has it's own unique sound and quality. Carmella is getting more and more requests to send in music and to write more original songs for artists.. She has just released four song ( Trainwreck ) performed by Jeanette Culpepper, (Just Like Long Ago ) performed by Tim Culpepper and ( Little Pill ) performed by the very multi talented Iam Nelson. Little Pill is a song she wrote for a friend who told her to write something up-beat and funny because he was feeling down and out from being laid off of work and he (needed to smile).. She is currently working on 3 more songs. Her new release 4/1/2010 ( Her Heart Is Broken ) co-written and produced by Nelson Blanchard is being well recieved, it hit # 13 first week of it's release on the IMNCountry Chart, Nelson also performs the vocals. Carmella's song ( Just Like long Ago ) hit the mainstream chart on The Independandent Music Network. 10/13/09 making it one of her 11 songs that made the chart in 2009/10 staying on that chart every week for 7 months. It is still finding it's way back on the charts in 2010. Carmella works with her Multi Talented Grammy Nonminated Music Producer and Artist Nelson Blanchard, ( where would I be without Nelson. He is an amazing person as well as musician). Carmella and Nelson just co-wrote a song Titled Where Is Our Sea, Blue Shining Sea with Scott Innes 9Voice Of Scooby Doo0 and Cma Award winner as well as Maconia award winner. Nelson performs the vocals, Scott and Nelson perform the intro to the song. She has also worked with Tim + Jeanette Culpepper.  What makes her so unique as a songwriter? She have the uncanny ability to write about almost anything, along with the ability to come up with brilliant hook lines. Her sense of humor, never fall short, along with her serious side her words paint pictures while you listen to her songs. "Mamma Can Drive That Big Truck Too" was written from a hook line Carmella had an idea for, Carmella and a former co-writer who was an Over the road truck driver, took the hook line and they both based the song on the co-writers life as a driver but in a fun upbeat way. Carmella also has experience at making unique melodies so she just does her thing . Two things you can count on from Carmella is that when she writes a ballad or a song close to her will feel the emotion in the song, if it's one of her upbeat honky tonk will be tapping your feet without even knowing you are doing it. She is consistent, original, fun, and serious all at the same time. She has proven that she has the talent to write hit songs. Carmella currently has two songs Her Heart Is Broken and Thrown Away Soldier on The Independent Music Networks Mainstream + Country Chart as of 5/11/2010. One of the songs she co-wrote ( Homeless, Hungry, Crying (in the rain) hit The Independant Music Network Chart at #5 and stay on the chart for nine weeks straight in the top ten. Another (Mamma Can Drive That Big Truck Too ) also hit #5 along with ( Thrown Away Soldier ) which hit the Independant Music Network Mainstream chart 1st week out at #15 and stay in the top ten for 12 weeks straight. It hit both the Mainstream and Country chart and stay on for 9 months. It still finds it's way back onto the charts a year later. Her video (Homeless, Hungry, Crying in the rain ) made Twitters CastT.V's video of the week first week out and Carmella has also won 3 Suggested Artist Awards and a Honorable Mention Award from Song of The Year. She won Song Of The Month in March right here on My Country for ( Homeless Hungry Crying in the rain ) and just recieved notification that her song (Just Like Long Ago) became certifided on, coming in at #1 in the 3rd round final and her song (Trainwreck) also became certified, coming in at #3 in the final certification round. Carmella has just recieved another Song Of The Year Supporters of Vh1 Save The Music Suggested Artist Award. Carmella has been featured on many of the music sites in which she is a member and her music can be hear on Internet Radio as well as mainstream. One of Carmella's highlights of the year 2009 is when she attented the 51st Grammy Awards In LA with her music producer Nelson Blanchard and a former co-writer. Keep a watch out for Carmella, for she will be coming around the mountain very soon. About my Producer Nelson Blanchard, Nelson is the owner of a state of the art Pro Tools recording studio in the Baton Rouge area. Nelson is a Grammy-nominated artist specializing in professionally- produced song demos . . Nelson has been producing music for 45 years and has worked with Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, The Goo Goo Dolls, Neal McCoy, Gov Jimmy Davis, John Fred & the Playboys, Wayne Toups and Scott Innes (voice of Scooby Doo), Louisiana's LeRoux, Kenny Neal and Tab Benoit, to name a few. His clients have included Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Telarc Records, Alligator Records, and Wolf Records