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Nathan Ray was born in Arlington, Texas; shortly after his family moved to Abilene, Texas where Nathan Ray spent most of his childhood; he started singing at the young age of 2 years old, and began performing at the age of 15. By the age of 18 he was singing regularly at karoke bars. He continued doing this for the next 4 years; at which time he realized that if he was ever going to get where he wanted to go he would have to play as well as sing. So at the age of 22 he picked up his first guitar. By the age of 23, he gave up karoke for good, and began performing in several Honky Tonk bars across the country solo and fronting several different bands in places such as his hometown of Abilene, Texas with the Silver Lining band and in Fort Worth Stockyards as Nathan Ray and Stillwater. From there he went on to other states such as Alabama where he fronted Southern Mirage. In Louisiana as Nathan Ray and Highnoon. Has also performed in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado and most recently North Carolina. Nathan Ray has also appeared on a few variety shows early in his career. After many years of being on the road Nathan Ray and his new wife Brandi have decided to make Nashville, Tennessee their home. Nathan Ray has always had the love and passion and dedication for music. He would spend hours upon hours listening to his heros such as George Strait, Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks and many more. Listening to them sing it stirred a passion in him to pursue his own dreams and chase after the spotlight for most of his life. It has been a long hard ride and not always a rewarding one for Nathan Ray but he wouldnt change a thing about it. Looking back on all the places Nathan Ray has been and all the things he has seen and learned playing music in Honky Tonks and bars across much of this beautiful country; the people he has met and the friends he has made have given him more than fame and fortune ever could. He doesnt know where this road will lead him but one thing is for sure he will never pull to the shoulder and stop driving. Music is in his blood and there is no changing that. You never know maybe one day you will hear Nathan Ray on the radio alongside his heros. One day Nathan Ray hopes to be performing back in Texas where his journey first began and he hopes he will be welcomed back by his native Texans. Most recently he has begun working with Terpsikhore Records, partnered with Derek Butler alongside Kenny Floernce as producer. Hope to have new album out by the end of the summer. Also performing with Larry Quinn in North Carolina as the Bent Brothers. I couldnt have come this far without God and cant go any futher without Him.


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