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WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR NEIGHBORS FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * * * ABOUT PROJECT OPERATION CIRCLE OF LOVE (OCOL) * * *      It's funny how things happen in life. It's even more significant when you think how one person CAN touch another's life. It was because of Jeff Bates, the members of the band, and their music, that many of us fans, known as Good People on a Mission (GPOAMs), found ourselves at a country fair in Dunbar, PA. It was because of the county fair, that Staff Sergeant Al Stenzel, Jr. and his family discovered Jeff, and in turn, got to know the GPOAMs in attendance. It was because of the friendship that developed with Al Jr.(as he is affectionately known to us) that we found out in December 2004 about the 27 men of the 1st Detachment, Company C, 1st Battalion, 110th Infantry, Mechanized from Canonsburg and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania who were called up to go to Mississippi, California and then Iraq. Because of these 27 soldiers, men, women, and children from all over the United States (some who have never met each other and whose only commonality was their love for Jeff Bates and the members in his band) found themselves launching "Project Operation Circle of Love".        OCOL's mission is twofold . . (1) to provide friendship, support, love, and prayers to serivcemen and women who are fighting overseas to preserve the freedoms that we cherish so dear; (2) to bring greater awareness to those back home of the hardships and suffering that these individuals as well as their families must endure as a result of their military service. Thirty-six states are now represented by the highly motivated and creative members of OCOL. We have pledged to provide whatever support is required during the soldiers' tour of duty. A mission of love for our fellow man! Why the name Operation "Circle of Love"? Lyrics from JEFF's 1st hit single. May OUR CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN & may GOD keep all these men & women in the palm of His hands and bring them all safely home to their families and us again! * * * OCOL FOOTNOTES * * *    YOU CAN BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR CIRCLE...(penpal or sponsor) ************************************************************    TRAGEDY ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS FOR SURVIVORS ~~TAPS~~                      ************************************************************ Send a personalized E-card to your loved one or friends serving overseas. Visit the site: