Howard Jr.

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  1. The Man I Used To Be
  2. Nice Guys Finish Last
  3. Never be Ashamed
  4. Waking On The Wrong Side
  5. Sweet Summer Rain
  6. I Gave Her A Ring ( She Gave Me The Finger)
  7. Fairmount - featuring Brandon Howard
  8. Dirty Little Secrets
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Howard Jr.

I am a 31 year old home health nurse who recently became the foster father of two preteens. I moved to Nashville in July 2001 in pursuit of a country music career. I recorded and independently released my first cd "Single and Strong" in spring 2006 in which I wrote or cowrote 7 of the 11 tracks. I am currently working on my second cd. My goal is to become the National spokesman for people with disabilities and to open a facility like St. Jude's.