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  1. When I Hear The Church Bells Ring
  2. The Man I Was Meant To Be
  3. Where The Music Never Stops
  4. I'm Making Music Again
  5. Now She Feels Alright
  6. My Saved Heart
  7. This Is All I Know
  8. She's My Kind Of Girl
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When asked about my one name title, I just say "RICKY, All Capitals"! As a song writer for over 15 years, or more, I just write what moves me, and gets you to think, laugh, or cry!! I moved from Oregon to Nashville to chase my dreams. My dream is to one day sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Singing around town, and the popular venues is the next to best thing. I have had some very challenging times here, but also some very rewarding, fun, happy days!!! I got a year to go, before I reach the 10 year mark. I won "MOST IMPROVED" as a vocalist, and went to State my Senior year in High School. But, that only got me started in the right direction. Singing is what I found, was the one thing that gave me purpose, fulfillment, and recognition. Songwriting, I started a couple years after, and that hit the spot!! Enjoy, writing a song, and then singing it to an audience!! I invested in recording equipment, and learned how to produce a song, a major investment in my life, at that time. I have learned to take on alot of different titles, to get what I want in life. Singing, songwriting, producing, playing keyboards, acoustic guitar, and bass. I established my own painting business, before moving the Nashville. This is a BIG undertaking, but now I see it was the best thing for me to do. I left the business, to pursue my dreams, and live in Nashville. Nashville is the place of BIG Business with major players, that can break an artist into huge success. I want success, money, and fame in country music, but I don't want to be destroyed by my own lack of any knowledge, or experience. I am working NOW on forming a BAND. Looking for musicians that not only like my music, and what I am doing, but can also see where I am going. The future is what I am looking forward too. Booking gigs around Nashville for 2009. Finding an agent that will work with me. Even, singing cover tunes downtown on Broadway. Networking, and stretching myself to reach higher, and believe in my dreams. I have met alot of Famous Songwriters in town. Shaken hands of several BIG Country Stars. Met several fans on Myspace, and was just as suprised to meet them as they were me!! Grabbed my guitar, and played for a couple hours downtown on the streets. Talked to homeless people. Sang several orignals at Bluebird Cafe, and Hall of Fame Lounge. --I hope you enjoy the music. Feel free to contact me, and send me some comments. Join Digital Rodeo, if your a country music fan!! R I C K Y'S H I G H L I G H T S 1. BOOKING GIGS FOR 2009! 2. $RICH REDNECK$ CD!! Available @ David-Kidd Bookstore in Green Hills Mall. (Nashville) *click on Buy CD link 3. NEW COUNTRY SINGLE IN 2009!! "Live Your Dreams In The USA" *click on myspace link 4. RICKY'S STREET TEAM >Join Check out "Shooter Guy and Getomi Ruff" -Voice animation with sound effects!! *click on street team link