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Simon Andersson is something very special indeed. Becoming the first swedish artist ever to win an award in the USA for "best country song of the year" comes as no big surprise. Born and bred in Sweden - a country with great musical traditions - and deriving from an artistic family molded Simon for years into developing the star-quality he has today. Watching him perform on stage - it's clear that this is where he feels most a home and in his comfort zone he can captivate any audience.

Simon Andersson is a masterful guitarist and vocalist. But even so, he plays more than just one instrument. As a kid he started out playing drums at just three years old and had his first teacher when he was five. Later he picked up the piano but realizing that he wanted to be in the center of the stage, he started playing guitar more and more.

After several years of being part of different bands, Simon decided to go his own way. Less than two years after launching his solo career in 2011 he walked of the Hollywood stage as the first non-American winner in the country category ever at the Hollywood Music in Media Award. This gave Simon great confidence and insight that he was on the right path to success, even though the road up till that point was everything but straight.

Six months later Nashville saw this kid perform on one of it's most legendary stages - Tootsies. On stage with Simon was the musicians of Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw's band, which later gave Simon the chance to record in one of Nashville's most legendary studios - Ocean Way. In just two weeks, Simon did more than most artists hope to achieve in months or years. Just adding to the fact that Simon truly is something special.