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Waynesboro, Tennessee
A little about Phil's BIO: Phil was born in Waynesboro, Tennessee and lives there also. Since Phil was a young lad he was always interested in writing short stories and poems. By the late 1980's Phil had over 400 short stories/poems/lyrics already down on paper, but on a late winter night Phil's home burned down from a fire. Phil lost everything in this fire, even his most precious items, including his family past history antiques and all of his writings. Phil was in a state of shocked sadness, but everyone knew he would come back some day. Although Phil has remembered some of his song writings and has brought a few back, Phil is still bringing on the the writing experiences he had as a child. Phil states, "With aging you do receive some wisdom", and to prove this all you have to do is to listen to his lyrics in the music that is posted. As time goes on there will be many songs posted here that Phil writes lyrically. Phil also served in the Tennessee Military Army National Guard for 17 years. Phil is a collaborator/lyricist/songwriter in the genres of Country, Christian, Pop, Rock with some Hard Christian Rock and Southern Christian Rock... Of the songs that are posted here, they are up for grabs at the moment. We do hope that Phil will be getting plenty of cuts with this music as they are posted here. At the moment Phil is collaborating with many artists' and lyricists' who are members of: and other lyricist throughout the USA. Come and check out. Phil hopes to see you there soon.


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