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  1. Rabbits Got The Gun
  2. Voodoo Queen
  3. Gabrianne - An Outlaws Letters Home
  4. I'll Be Home Soon
  5. Rusty Waters
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Steeltown is a new band with its roots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the steel mills of yesterday helped build this strong country. It is composed of a group of very talented musicians that were born and raised in the "Burgh" and love everything about the city including our beloved Steelers!! Experienced band members include Tim Brannon, Mike Madden, Harry Levicky and John McBride who have played for years previously with the Kiger Brannon Band. With Matt Kessler as our new lead singer, and our new bass player Gary Latkowski, we have came together as the new band called Steeltown. Matt Kessler, our lead singer, spent time in Nashville where he competed in the Nashville Star TV program. Matt came in 10th out of 30,000 people!! We are very proud to have him as our lead singer. We love country music including touching ballads that tell a story as well as new high energy country rock. We are currently working on our first new album which will include the song "I'll Be Home Soon" which is part of a national charity campaign to help families of our fallen war heroes. You can view the music video at our charity web site or on This song and music video were produced by Matt Kessler and Tim Brannon along with the help of Eric Penstadler of Video Horizons, LLC and Lee Peterson, Knoxville TN songwriter. Recently we have had added a great new keyboard player & friend Bob Horwatt to join us at certain shows. All the members of Steeltown take great pride in our city, our country, and our music. We all look forward to privilege of meeting you soon!!