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  1. Thrown Away Soldier C inchierchiera TL Smith...
  2. Peice of Heart by Tamra Lynn Smith & Eric...
  3. Homeless Hungry Crying In The Rain C....
  4. American Soldier..Bob caruana's version by...
  5. Country Born & Bred C. Inchierchira & TL...
  6. American Soldier (on the line)by Randall Johns...
  7. Bird Of Prey by Carmella Inchinchiera & Tamra...
  8. Just The Way You Are/ Written by Tamra Lynn Smith
  9. Rescue Me by written an vocals by LanternLane...
  10. NO MORE.. written by Tamra Lynn Smith
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We have had 9 indie hit songs in 12 months hit the charts. 13 if you count all our artists who are in this project. Project Troops/ artists Who Care. People are listening to our music and it is making a difference. by addressing tough issues like PTSD (Please Let Me In/written by Tamra Lynn smith & lanternLane vocals Lanternlane) (Thrown Away Soldier written by Carmella Inchierchiera & Tamra Lynn Smith vocals Tim Culpepper) (We are Still Soldiers written by Rich Owen & Tamra Lynn Smith vocals Rich Owen) How families feel when away for months at a time (American Soldier on the Line Randall Johns & Tamra Lynn Smith vocals Randall Johns) (also another version by Bob Caruna on Player) (Everyday I'm hanging On written by Randall Johns, Carmella Inchierchiera & tamra Lynn Smith) (To Our Veterans LanternLane Tamra Lynn Smith vocals Lantern) (Homeless hungry Crying In The Rain written by c Inchierchiera & TL smith vocals Nelson Blanchard) plus 3 new ones coming our next month. We are giving our heroes a voice in a way people can understand. we need more artists to join us. Our mission: write songs to tell the unique stories, send out free cd's to active troops, raise money for charity, perform and donate time to help VA hospitals, American Legions, bases, and other events to share what we do. We don't do this for the money because we have made none. We do it to show we support our military and we are behind them. We need your help and your fans to hop on board. One voice gets lost in a crowd where a million voices are heard. http://projecttroops.startlogic.com/ come see what we do. Join us on face book www.facebook.com/tamralynnsmith I am asking all artists to step up and make a difference no matter how small or how big. We need you. Hugs from Army Mom, Tamra Lynn Smith info on how to buy our music to raise money for charity is on our site. contact 480-252-0152 or TLDYGOLFER@aol.com Project Troops Cd is a Tamra Lynn Smith/LanternLane & friends joint project