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TelluRide plays an organic, groove laced, brand of country rock, scattered with tight harmonies-rekindling the fires of great vocal groups such as Alabama, The Doobie Brothers and The Eagles. They got the name TelluRide, when they asked for some help from fans to name the group. Their hard work and dedication to making and performing great music has earned them success show after show. Their fresh approach to country rock/pop has drawn crowds of all ages. With consistently packed concerts and fans singing out loud along with the band, TelluRide never ceases to entertain. TelluRide consists of Adam Craig (lead guitar, lead vocals), Cain Hall (acoustic guitar, electric guitar and harmony vocals), Brian Smith (drums), Jimi Hendrix (bass, harmony vocals), and Ryan Jones (piano, electric guitar and harmony vocals). Pulling from various backgrounds, each member brings a different flavor of music to the stage. From classic rock and R&B to pop and, of course, country music, this vocal powerhouse group has a little something for everyone. Considered the “band to watch”, TelluRide is a group of hard-core musicians sharing a deep-seated commitment to building their career the old fashioned way—one rocking live show at a time.