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Not too long after learning how to talk, the Cain siblings were harmonizing with each other. The two sisters and brother from Hartselle, Alabama have shared a lot over the years, but their passion for music is what has brought them together as The Cains Trio, a country band with tight harmonies and a variety of influences.

Taylor, Madison and Logan Cain are not only singers and songwriters, but are multifaceted entertainers and musicians who play guitar, piano, bass, harmonica and more. It all started when eldest sibling, Taylor, learned her first song on the piano when she was 5-years-old and a few years later, began teaching her young siblings to sing harmony with her. Now, all Troy University graduates, the siblings are ready to show the world those harmonies and pursue their dream.

While at Troy, the trio entered a video contest in 2012. With the help of family and friends, the group won and received the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open for Dave Barnes at the Workplay Theater in Birmingham Ala.

“Because of our awesome friends and family, the show sold out just 30 minutes after adding our name to the ticket,” said Madison. “It was such a rush. In celebration of the victory that night, we wrote ‘Stay On Board,’ the title track of our album coming out next month.”

While their roots harmonies are reminiscent of earlier sibling groups, such as The Everly Brothers and The Carpenters to today's Secret Sisters and The Band Perry, The Cains have created their own iconic style of harmony. Besides drawing from their own DNA, their original music is inspired by a vast combination of genres from country, soul and pop to Americana, folk and contemporary Christian. Even with a variety of influences, they know exactly what they want in their music.

“Our hope is to brand ourselves as ‘fun music,’” said Logan. “All I know is that no matter the song or genre, we want our songs to be uplifting, joy-filled and fun.”

With a strong support system of family and friends, the trio is gearing up to release their debut album, Stay on Board in September. The album features their first single, “Be Yourself with Me,” a tender hearted tune about allowing loved ones to take their guard down and be their self. Filled with calming harmonies, the ballad lets you “breathe a sigh of relief” and “be yourself with me.”

In addition to the album release, the Cains are currently honing their songwriting and recording skills by collaborating with established songwriters in both Nashville and Muscle Shoals, while learning the ins and outs of the music business first hand. They attribute their creativity, confidence, and genuine enthusiasm to their strong faith in God and feel blessed to have such loyal and supportive fans, friends, and family along for the journey.

Individual Member Bios

Taylor Cain:
Taylor, the oldest of The Cains, will be the first to tell you that Madison and Logan are her best friends. Taylor learned her first song on the piano at age 5, started teaching Madison and Logan harmony parts a few years later, and has been making music with them ever since, usually as lead vocalist.

Taylor’s musical talent and magnetic personality were obvious from her first performance at World Harvest Outreach as a youngster. “I never remember having stage fright; I just know I felt very comfortable and I loved every bit of performing,” said Taylor with a huge smile.

And so began her thirst for music. From music worship leader at her church, to choir in high school and college, to being invited to join the prestigious jazz ensemble known as Frequency and record their CD entitled “Fields of Gold” with them, Taylor’s passion for music grew. She earned a degree from Troy in music business with a minor in public relations, and recently completed an internship at Colton Entertainment Group in Nashville. Taylor is ready to move on to the next adventure, which will no doubt involve The Cains and sharing the trio’s music.

Madison Cain (Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar):
Music has always been part of Madison’s life. From co-writing songs, to shooting and directing home movies as a child, playing guitar, piano, and bass, leading music worship at church as a pre-teen and throughout college for campus ministries, music has marked every stage of her life. A part of show choir in high school and college, she sang on the album “Fields of Gold” as a member of her college’s traveling choral group, Frequency Jazz Ensemble.

This anything-but-typical middle child is also very studious. Madison received a full tuition scholarship to Troy University where she joined the Chi Omega sorority and dove into a plethora of activities, including event-planning and fundraising for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Advertising with a nearly perfect GPA, Madison immediately became a Marketing Coordinator for Gigi’s Franchising LLC (Gigi’s Cupcakes). Independently, she specializes in directing and editing short social media videos, wedding and ministry promo videos, and music videos.

Logan Cain (Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Drums, Guitar):
Logan is a lover of all things music. He started playing drums on the arm of the couch in the living room listening to his dad’s VHS concert special “Highest Praise Live.” Shy as a kid, it wasn’t until he began performing in front of people that he quickly overcame his shyness. He was hooked.

Logan continued to practice the drums and learned to play guitar, bass, and anything else he could get his hands on. Being the youngest of the Cain siblings, he followed his eldest sister’s lead, adding his voice to the young trio’s harmonies. “I remember visiting a friend in Tuscaloosa,” recalls Logan, “and while the parents drank coffee and talked, we kids were upstairs devising show-stopping musical numbers. We would sing “Love” from The Parent Trap – you know, ‘’L’ is for the way you look at me...’” And thus began Logan’s love for music, performing and the stage.

Logan, like his sisters, attended Troy University majoring in Broadcast Journalism.