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Tommy Wood - 434-989-0643
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Ray Caddell - 434-960-4595
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April 29th
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Developed with the complete night of entertainment in mind by Ray Caddell, whose bands have been named among Modern Bride’s top 100 nationally, FUSION is designed with a full dance floor in mind. And as a rare band in the party business that employs both acoustic and electric guitar players, as well as two keyboard players, it’s amazing to see such versatility fit into such a compact and affordable package.The world-famous Swiss Army Knife combines diverse tools for an array of uses into one housing. When four distinct lead vocalists--each in mastery of his or her specific vocal background—blend their distinct voices into a harmony unlike any you’ve seen before, you’re begin to understand the idea behind Fusion, the Swiss Army Knife of party bands. From Motown and jazz standards, classic rock and pop, to the country and dance-chart toppers of the current era, Fusion has the right vocal tool for the job. And the musicians’ versatility doesn’t end with vocal talents and song selection either; when saxophonist and female vocalist are able to switch to harmonica and fiddle, respectively, your event can morph from authentic classic jazz to authentic modern country. And though the band can handle such wide-ranging variety, their core strength is the danceable chart-topping classics from the 60s to today.
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Bio for Tommy Wood, Country Singer Country singer and authentic country boy cherishes being a God fearing, church going family man and making people happy with old school country singing. Musical seeds were planted in rich, melodious soil for Tommy Wood, independent country music recording artist. Musical notes took root and sprouted when even as a little tyke he latched on to his Mom's stereo cabinet and persistently listened to her Loretta Lynn albums and Conway Twitty recordings. Tommy admits that even at that tender young age he just couldn't get close enough to the music that attracted him with words that soaked into his ears...and heart. So much so that he recalls his mother telling the story about how he cut his teeth on country music, literally. Lucille Wood recounts how after attempting to pull him away from the stereo, her tiny tot reached over and sunk his teeth right into the wooden piece of furniture! An honest-to-goodness, heartfelt love for country music and its roots yield forth a life-force that continues today for this salt of the earth boy from the country. So, what makes Tommy an authentic country boy? Well, when asked how she'd describe a dyed-in-the-wool country boy, Elizabeth Capps, a lifelong native of St. Louis, Missouri, thoughtfully reeled off what forthrightly came to her mind. She stated, "oh that's easy -- a real country boy is fun to be around, goodhearted, clean minded and way too busy doing wholesome work to get into any trouble". Pausing for a split second she added, "One more thing, he would know that eggs don't come from the grocery store!". Having never met Tommy, she managed to describe him to a T. Longtime music fans will attest that Tommy is fun to be around, goodhearted and clean minded. At every performance, people are instantly drawn in to the happy mood that fills the air because Tommy and his band, Nite Shift adore their fans and love bringing them the kind of quality, richly-toned melodies that country music fans the world over are craving. Parents appreciate the heartfelt country ballads that can be heard by the whole family. Rest assured that there's never an off color remark to be heard, either -- on or off the stage. After every performance, Tommy is known for sticking around until every autograph is signed, too. He picked up the torch....... His influences passed the torch bearing the lore of centuries of the joys, heartaches and wisdom of living close to the land written in an expressive, nitty-gritty style of poetry and prose. "My greatest influences were Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Charlie Pride, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Mo Bandy, Stonewall Jackson and Waylon Jennings, old fashioned country singers from yesterday who wrote songs about real life stories. The ones who paved the way but were pushed away", states Tommy emphatically. If there's one central thing in the world of music that Tommy is passionate about, it's picking up the torch and getting back to the original roots. Seeing the past, Tommy is looking forward to getting the genuine, traditional country music out to more people who are yearning for good, clean country songs to inspire them in their everyday lives. He believes there's a tremendous void that people are clamoring to be filled. He's seeing to it that he's the one to fill it by staying true to the country sounds of old considered better than present. Tommy's new and old country songs attract fans on three continents....and counting. Look around next time you're at a live appearance or read the comments posted on the web from around the globe and you'll see that fiercely loyal fans share Tommy's old world, Christian family values of honor, joy and respect. That's another reason people love him like they do. From as far west as Hawaii in his home country of the United States to Virginia in the east, from the north in Canada to south Texas people are lining up. People are getting on the bandwagon to give Tommy a heads up from across the oceans in places like Australia and Strait, France. Contacted by radio station owners in Sweden and getting airplay in the Netherlands and New South Wales, people the world over are being treated to his brand of pure gold country sounds. Along with Nite Shift band members, they've been providing as one fan puts it, "music that speaks for itself" for over a decade. Tommy started with his first paid show as a high school senior at 17 yrs old. That led to his first band, Crossfire where he played the drums. In 1998, he transitioned from behind the drums to out front as the featured singer. He's had the honor and pleasure of opening for Tracy Byrd to an audience of over thirty-five hundred, Trace Atkins, Billy Currington, Ty Herndon, Tracy Lawrence, Josh Gracin of American Idol and other mainstream recording artists. To date, Tommy has released 3 CD's. The first one, "Nights Are Lonely" is solidly sold out. Due to the master being destroyed by fire, sadly, it is never to return. His self-titled CD, "Tommy Wood" and "Outta California" are both currently available. A new one to be titled is due out in 2011. The three A's of Tommy's work. · Art · Atmosphere · Accomplishment Creating beautiful, artistic music doesn't happen by accident. It takes shape and form from a very methodical crafting of lyrics and melody. Tommy likens the process of songwriting and blending words that spring up from his heart with building a fence that has many curves and angles, something every country boy knows all too well. When a song finally reaches completion and is ready for the final inspection, he has a 3-point test it must pass so as to dazzle the fans. Like a finely constructed fence, every note and word must be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong! The secret to Tommy's art is that he prepares a special atmosphere the day before and the day of every performance. The day before, hydration plays a critical part. Tommy makes sure that he gets plenty of good water so that he is fully hydrated before, during and after delivering first-class music for his audience. The day of an event, Tommy insists on spending necessary and intimate time alone with his "threesome". That being God, his guitar and himself. And then right before he goes on, Tommy asks the Lord to help him accomplish something BIG: that his music will touch someone's life in a profound way. Enjoying and employing the benefits of a deeply rich Christian faith, Tommy is living his dream. Along life's journey Tommy has uncovered another secret that he employs and uses as his life's motto everyday. This secret was told to him by The One he looks to as his final authority and can be found in Luke 9:62. It goes like this: "Keep your hand to the plow and don't look back". Keeping his hand to the plow in his spiritual life means being the strong spiritual leader of his home for his wife and children. Keeping his hand to the plow in the community he lives in means enjoying deer hunting with his two daughters and then giving to Hunters for the Hungry, an organization that raises money to pay for the processing of the meat and gets it to the poor and hungry. Keeping his hand to the plow for his fans means ALWAYS working on fresh material and getting new country songs to them either through live performances, on CD or via, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the world wide web. With a life this full and richly blessed, who would want to look back, anyway? Tommy's future and his life's work for his family AND his fans sweep the width of the horizon that tarries a good way , sojourning an endless depth over a great space that knows no end. Faith, family and music are settled in the eyes and heart of this loyal troubadour that his most ardent and truehearted country music fans regard as part minstrel, part balladeer and certified, down-home country singer.