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Birthday Tue, 01/01/1991
Share images on WhatsApp is no longer the same. The new version of the most popular messaging program has included interesting new features in its latest update to take a step forward in features that we have seen so far in other social programs such as Snapchat or Instagram. The new version of WhatsApp for Android , which is becoming progressively in the last hours to devices (later it will in iOS equipment) does not remain in the chamber when applying updates. download whatsapp for micromax Groups, more possibilities of recording or sharing images are among the new that can be done from today with WhatsApp. Share images to "Snapchat style" That Snapchat came fully into the unique and personalized way to share images no one can doubt. His peculiar style has been copied even by King WhatsApp in his last update. New features of the camera (or from previously saved images) allows the user to draw and write on photos and videos , and add emojis to complement the image whatsapp for micromax mobiles 1366 2000 14 With the new camera features in WhatsApp , you can write or draw on photos and videos, and even add emoji (emoticons) to express yourself . The options appear on the top (a face to include emoticons, a T for written text and pencil to draw us). In all cases we can resize and reposition these elements with complete freedom. download whatsapp for micromax a5 If you join the possibility of using larger emoticons or editing format , drawings and messages they are history in WhatsApp. Other features of the camera The edition with stickers and freehand text is not the only novelty that comes to Whatsapp related to the images. Now, new options to zoom when recording a video (directly using your finger on the screen) or when we opened the camera, appear to use the flash in the selfies throwing a glimpse blank. The change between rear or front camera can now be done with a double click on the screen. Although not directly related to the camera, there are fewer innovations that help to forward images and videos more directly with a dedicated when accessing them from an existing thread WhatsApp button. The groups are finally useful download whatsapp for micromax canvas hd Despite how much they are used (what would be the organization of schools without parent groups / mothers, ahem), the groups in WhatsApp have never been too care. Until now. The main developments related to the use of the program is very successful: to make mention direct within a group. The way to do this is that we have integrated into our daily lives in other services such as Twitter, ie, with an at sign first and we skipped a list of contacts within the group that can address personally. With this simple implementation the chaos in numerous groups is somewhat smaller. New Groups Another novelty in the group management is the creation of invitations to a group by sending a direct link to a particular contact. Anyone with that link (or the QR code, imagines the possibilities for public and open groups) can join the group, but only the administrator is allowed to create such a link.

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