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I am an Aerobics Instructor of 24 years, so I am very physically fit. My three daughters are grown & out on their own, but I do like to spend lots of time with my grandkids. I have lots of practice & patience with training horses & riders because I owned a riding stable that I managed & ran by myself for 15 years. I love being outdoors as much as possible whether it is in the forest, sitting on a nice warm rock in the river or on the beach. I am happiest when I am riding. I don't wear makeup, I like my haircut short, & I am not into shopping malls etc. Although I would rather be running around in my bikini or jeans, I can dress up really nice. I may be strong but I love to be treated like a lady & if you think that means I'm spoiled, then I am. I am very passionate & loving & enjoy giving affection as much as receiving. I love dancing, walks or rides on a moonlit night, picnics & long trail rides. I'm not into watching TV, an occasional movie is ok, but I would rather be outside enjoying the fresh air & sunshine or in the evenings laying out under the stars listening to the crickets & lovin on my man. I am not in a hurry & need to go slow.... Friends first! ;-) I need a real honest, strong & true, loyal, stick by my side through thick & thin man. A man strong enough to know that together we can get through anything. Your Faith for the Lord must be strong & true. Must love horses & children! If you are not into riding, it will not work, been there done that. BIG Bonus if you own horses! Even Bigger Bonus if you have your own farm. (yes, I own my farm) Need to have enough horse savvy to understand that horses & women like to be rubbed not patted ;-) I have the patience & know how to teach a rider, but the student has to be willing. Must love the outdoors & being active. No Couch potatoes, please! Absolutely NO smokers!!! Drinkers need not apply since I do not pollute my body with alcohol. NO DRUGS that includes potheads! I am not looking for a stable hand but I do stay busy cleaning & fixing things all the time & want someone who is not too lazy & enjoys doing the same. I need a man who can keep up with me! I want a man strong enough to pick me up & carry me for Lots of love makin. I need to feel your burning passion & desire for me. If you know how to 2-step & waltz, you just might sweep me off my feet!! Shower me with affection & I will shower you right back ;-) If you plan on sending me photos of your private parts, no need to apply! Thanks for reading & Blessings to you

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